Can any “one” headlight cleaner be seriously defined as “the best”?

What is “The Best”  headlight cleaner?
People are constantly searching for that perfect solution to the problem of old looking yellowed plastic lens.
The problems vary from lens to lens so there is no perfect solution that would address all problems.
In addition “the best” should have categories to define the problem, be it damage or oxidation.
A damaged lens may require multiple steps and power tools to repair. The method used in this process should never be used to deoxidize a oxidized lens.
Over 90% of all headlight cleanings are due to oxidation, the recommended solution accepted by the majority is one that is non abrasive.
A cleaning system that incorporates sandpaper is designed to correct a damaged lens not deoxidize one that is oxidized.
Sandpaper damages the surface of a lens and should only be used in extreme cases where the lens has actual surface damage.
In the 10 years following the introduction of “Pittman’s OneStep ALR Deoxidizer” several non abrasive focused cleaners have entered the market.
Of these  “Johnny come latelys”, none are deoxidizers and some require the use of clear acrylic paint. Others use a polish, while some use an abrasive sponge. and none have a non abrasive maintenance system that helps preserve the original surface of the lens.
These one application products are not a final solution. These items will require repeat purchases as the oxidation process is on going.
In some cases the cleaner can leave the lens in a negative state which causes it to hold debris and yellow, this is common with cleaners that require sealers.
World wide the deoxidizer is recognized as the most efficient system designed to arrest and remove oxidation having the beneficial effect of conditioning the lens surface while creating a barrier to the reformation oxidation.
Designed with dozens of applications in each system it is the most economical and efficient of all existing products on the market today It is UV layer safe and it works on contact.
Pittman ALR TSS option

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