Pittman’s VaporWax or else

I have a brother in law who recently opened up his own automotive detail business.  I recently bought a new car and my husband wanted me to let his brother detail it.

I told him ” its a new car! what would he do to it? He said “his brother was the professional and he would let him explain”.

I was a little nervous about having someone learning on my new car and asked him to describe the process.

Right away this “genius of unknown proportions” started talking about claying and buffing the paint with polish and putting a double coat of carnuaba wax on it.

I told my husband right then, “that’s not going to happen”. I already decided I was going the VaporWax acrylic paint conditioner route and the only way he could detail my car was only if he used all non abrasive products. He did and now his business has doubled since he begin to offer acrylic paint condition as an option.

I love my brother in law and I wish him well but I can condition my own car and I do.

I love how easily VaporWax makes my car shine. for me it’s either VaporWax or nothing at all.

Pittman ALR TSS option


Once a respected automotive detail forum,
Autopia has become a running joke. The embodiment of the caveman I was one of those people who looked to Autopia for help when it came to maintenance on my car. I trusted them,
One day a few years back they posted a VaporWax warning on their site.
I find out all these years later Autopia made that post out of fear. They were actually afraid of what a product like VaporWax
could do the their business. The product was everything it claimed to be and the people who ran Autopia knew it, so They attempted to discredit the product to their members
and anyone else who would listen to them, of which I was one.
Now I am both angry and ashamed I listened to the adolescent fools at Autopia.
VaporWax is an incredible product and thanks to KMOD ALR.
I am no longer a caveman governed by fear and belief. I am a individual guided by knowledge and understanding.
Thanks for the reality check ALR.