Headlight cleaning vs resurfacing

How the use of sandpaper effects plastic headlights is a noteworthy subject for anyone who has designs on using that method to remove cloudy oxidation buildup from their headlights.

Once you take a closer look at the process you may also ask the question…
Why would anyone use sandpaper on their headlights?

We understand why a auto detail service would. It is source of generating income for the business and ” It’s not a job the average person would want to do on their car”
Individuals who chose to use abrasives on their own headlights have been convinced there is no other way to do this task. But if you stop and give it some thought and ask your self.
What is the reason you clean anything?
1. To expose the natural surface
Why expose the natural surface?
1. To increase light projection
2. improve the appearance.

In the course of normal use a headlight may become pitted with small scratches and nicks. Under normal circumstances these scratches and nicks have no effect on light projection. This is not a reason people have their headlights cleaned.

In the same course of normal use a headlight may become oxidized and clouded effecting the overall appearance and restricting the amount of light leaving the lens. This is the main reason a individual would seek to clean his or her headlight.

Finally abrasive resurfacing kits and sandpaper will leave a cloud on a lens that can reduce light projection and create a base for oxidation to cling to.

Scraping millimeters of thickness off the outer surface of the lens away by use of abrasives has been a preferred method of detailers in simpler times,
It was a simple 123 process.

1. Sand
2. Polish
3. Seal

Sandpaper would quickly remove the clouded oxidation along with part of the lens surface. It is used in several grades during the resurfacing process.

Polish is necessary to smooth out the rough course surface left by the sandpaper, Polish will strip off more of the lens surface as it wears down the scratches left by the sandpaper.

A Sealer is needed to cover the surface which is left smooth and cloudy by the polish. The sealer will give a smooth shiny appearance by covering up the damage caused by the abrasive cleaning.

Sandpaper has a critical effect on the surface to which it is applied, in this
observation the surface of a plastic headlight is the application looks improved but the reality is the headlight has been damaged beyond repair.
It can damage, destroy and remove the Ultra Violet light protection if the layer is applied to the lens surface.

Sandpaper for oxidation removal is ” didn’t think it out” overkill and should not be used on your modern projector headlight lens.
However like cigarettes and alcohol that are sold with the understanding that even when used as designed can cause damage.
Sandpaper and abrasives cause damage to what they are applied to and it is up to you to make the choice that is in your best interests.
In order to make good choices you need good information,
What is the alternative of abrasive cleaning to remove oxidation?

A non abrasive acrylic lens Deoxidizer
This is the Fastest, safest most efficient way to
remove oxidation from headlights and restore the lens to its most natural appearance.

1. a Deoxidizer removes oxidation on contact
2. a Deoxidizer only effects the clouded acrylic oxidation
3. a Deoxidizer does not require polish or a sealer to cover damage after use
4. a Deoxidizer can safely be used multiple times on the same surface through out the life of the vehicle
5. No tools or special skills are needed to use a Deoxidizer
6. using a deoxidizer is a One Step Process that takes less than a minute
7. a Deoxidizer will not cause damage or alter the surface of the headlight in anyway
8. a Deoxidizer will not remove or harm the Headlights UV protection

Finding sandpaper is very easy, every hardware store carries it, as well as automotive stores and home improvement centers.
Finding a Deoxidizer is also very easy, you can find it on the internet from any place in the world.

Keep in mind that oxidation is a naturally and reoccurring event, there is no known one time treatment that will prevent it’s re occurrence. UV damage is non reversible by any known method.

The “cleaning” process is one that will have to be repeated, multiple times in the future life of the lens

Will you be cleaning your lens or resurfacing it? what you dec

ide can have long range consequence if you choose to resurface instead of clean.

Pittman ALR TSS option

Ancient technology in a modern world

Are you one of those people who are still using paste wax on your car or truck? Why…?

Stand up, brush the dust off your knees, You don’t have to do that anymore,.

You love a beautiful clean shine on your vehicle, most of us do but the United Cavemen Front have been telling us that there is only one way to do that, with elbow grease, wax and an long never ending  assortment of wax support products. Over Kill  by modern standards.

These guys don’t see the light of day long enough to learn anything new. They are obsessed with their ancient ways, they find safety in numbers within their Internet forums.

None have had a problem with unleashing a verbal assault on you at any given time during a conversation where you disagree with their teachings.
You wanted a better easier way to keep a shine on your vehicle that did not involve the laborious maintenance required with wax.
You won’t get help from the cavemen, they fortify their caverns against all things new.

They have only recently made a truce with the god lightning. They brandish their power buffers in his honor.
Few of us are impressed. Science introduced the glaze, a liquid substance that was wiped onto the car and allowed to dry into a haze before being wiped off.
The result was a long lasting shine that withstood washings and held it’s shine, did not yellow or require buffing, It did not flake or produce as much waste but it did no better on rubber or vinyl than wax, It left a white residue on these things.
One of the first glazes was “Astro Shield”. It was a great DIY product, however it disappeared almost as suddenly as it appeared,  Today’s equal is NU Finish.
As good as new finish is the  cavern dwellers gather against it in internet forums.
Its not to their advantage for you to have technology that allows you to circumvent their ancient rituals.

What you expect from a cavemen? They haven’t invented a thing since the wheel.

Glazes were the answer for many of us, in particular NU Finish by name.
The one thing NU Finish lacked was the ability to become invisible once applied vinyl or rubber parts.

Unlike wax which has multiple draw backs, this was the Achilles heal for Nu Finish, its only obvious weak point.
Liquid water based spray waxes was the wax companies response to the quick shine fix.  The cavemen didn’t like this either but accepted it over the non wax glazes.
Water based spray wax presented the ability to put a quick short lived shine. However it offered no protection or benefits to the paint.

There ought to be a law prohibiting cavemen from gathering in public forums. They tend to make the loudest objections against modern science.

You would think, with all the knuckle dragging it would be difficult for them to type.

Elbo Greif

Innocent individuals who want the facts so they can make an informed opinion are left in a cloud of confusion after being bombarded with reinforced rhetoric spewed upon them by the self serving cavern dwellers of the Internet detail forums.
If you are confused or a victim of conflicting information, you should acknowledge certain facts about finding something on the Internet.
1. No one solution is right for everyone
2. Change should be expected and resistance is known to follow.

When the opposition comes from the masses, the masses could still be wrong. when it comes

from one source it probably is wrong but could very well be right.
There is no known science to apply, you have to use common sense and judgement based on your understanding of what you read and how it applies to you.
Ancient technology belongs in the museum so when you find yourself being bombarded with caveman science, step back take a breather and try something new.
You might find the experience enlightening or just so so but you will have added experience to apply to what you read afterwards and enjoyment of becoming an self confident individual with a informed opinion.

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