What not to do to a cars painted finish

It never ends

There is an art to keeping your car looking its best.

There are do’s and dont’s.

Preserving a finish requires different approach than restoring one.

The mentality of a person focused on preservation is quite the opposite of one who’s focus is to restore.
Preservationist understand the necessity of restoration products and their place.

They won’t care one way or the other that you wax your car, They understand some people need wax, Their paint is so bruised from past waxing, polishing and claying, it needs wax like a old woman needs makeup.

There is an understanding Preservationist have that makes it easy to determine when a product is designed to restore a finish and when one is designed to preserve one.

For example water will help preserve a finish polish will help restore a finish.

On the other hand people who use restoration products on everything don’t seem to have a clue.

They do not understand the concept of preserving the cars finish, They want to “fix it”, make it better.

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