When Parrots Attack

when parrots attack

some forum members act like parrots

Internet Forum Parrots are annoying and ignorant.
Like flies they gather and distract.
Forum Parrots are individuals who behave like the fictional Star Trek charectors “The Borg”.
They have assimilated and they encourage you to do so too.
This behaviour is concentrated in the Internet detail forums.
Parrots in these forums tend to agree on the basics.
They believe it is best to stick with the old “tried and true”.
Forum Parrots agree with each other.
A new guy comes along and asks: How do I detail my car?
And out of the wood work come the Forum Parrots.
They all pass on the same bad advice:
clay it, polish it, wax it, strip it, clay it, polish it, wax it, strip it…..
And they all complain about problems with water spots, swirl marks and dull spots on their paint.
Oblivious to the fact that these things are in direct association with the wax they continue to put on their cars.
All will tell you you need a orbital buffer. They think this is some sort cure all for the problems they created waxing the car.
They are blind to the senselessness of the act, as one parrot after another chimes in support of the choir:
clay it, polish it, wax it, strip it, clay it, polish it, wax it, strip it…..
If you agree with the parrots they will accept you as one of them, but if you have opposing views, the parrots will attack.
It actually angers Internet forum parrots when people demonstate an ability to form their on opinions.
The small brained “Forum Parrots” have their favorite brands of car care products.
These are A, B, and C.
If you like A, B, or C, they will accept you as one of them.
But, If you like a brand D, You are likely to be acussed of spam and banned, this makes Internet forums less than trustworthy in the advice they give.
If you have ever visited a detail forum and been attacked by Internet Forum Parrots, take that as a sign of your superior intelligence and their common ignorance.

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