Organic Wax vs non organic APC

Contrary to popular rhetoric, buffing an organic wax onto new automotive acrylic paint will not preserve the color or shine of your paint.

New paint does not come with swirl marks, Swirl marks are owner induced.

In fact it is the beginning of the end of your factory shine.

Sadly enough misinformed people continue to pass on bad advice.

1. They say waxing won’t hurt your cars paint.

2. They will tell you that wax and polish are the same thing.

3. They will tell you:  Here is what I do………( ultimately claying, abrasive polishing and waxing are involved )

4. These people are stuck in the past They haven’t a clue as to what they are talking about and none of their advice serves to preserve your paint.

Some people just don’t realize that things change, if they didn’t we would still have bias ply tires on our cars, but someone realized that radial tires were better.

It’s the same with outdated wax, some people refuse to learn anything new while others keep cling to the past.

Just trust your own eyes.

Take the wax off a car that has endured years of waxing and answer yourself if the paint still looks new. It doesn’t, It can’t. Do you still believe waxing a car does not harm the paint?






Wax is an outdated concept. A decaying organic cosmetic.
A plant by product, closely related to tree sap. Organic wax has been around since the dawn of time, The automotive industry has had the benefit of wax since it’s inception.

However no matter how brilliant the paint may be when the car rolls off the showroom floor. After just one waxing the paint is changed forever. Some extremest actually promote claying and polishing a brand new car!

These people have an agenda that involves their selling or performing a service that includes some form of automotive wax.

They bank on your ignorance of the damage that excessive and redundant friction can to to a factory finish. They don’t care about your paint job.

They care about the money they can make with their organic wax and the temporary shine they can achieve with it.

The health and condition of your paint was never a consideration, its always about the wax.

In fact wax is a decaying organic protective covering that is used to create a water barrier on your cars paint. It can also be buffed to a shine.

Beyond those two pros every thing else about wax is a con.
1. Wax is wasteful

2. Wax is messy

3. Wax yellows

4, Wax hazes

5. Wax hardens

6. Wax requires buffing

7. Wax traps and holds particles against your paint

8. Wax promotes swirl marks in your paint

9. Maintaining a wax shine is time consuming

10. Wax cannot be applied in direct sunlight

11. Wax cannot be applied in freezing weather

12. Wax is a friction based application

13. Wax builds up

14, A wax shine naturally degrades and has to be removed

15. Wax is an organic, it will decay, break down and dull on your paint.

There are advancements in acrylic paint that make the use of an organic wax or polish ill-advised.

New automotive acrylic paint is a synthetic it does not need to be buffed, poished or waxed it needs to be preserved and the best way to preserve acrylic paint is with a non organic acrylic paint conditioner.

Unlike organic wax which decays, the acrylic conditioner is non organic and has none of the problems associated with wax.

In fact an Acrylic Paint Conditioner (APC) is the exact opposite of wax in every respect.

Basically the acrylic paint conditioner is not a covering, it makes the paint shine from within.

An acrylic paint conditioner is 100% pure liquid, non abrasive and non toxic, it will never dull, require buffing or have to be removed.

There is no waste with the non organic acrylic paint conditioner and it can be applied in all temperatures and direct sunlight. It applies in minutes, lasts for months and never has to be removed.

1. An acrylic paint conditioner is non organic, does not decay, therefore it never Dulls

2. Can be applied in direct hot sun

3. Can be applied in freezing temperature

4. Does not yellow

5. Does not have to be removed

6. Requires no buffing

7. Does not harden

8. Does not create swirl marks

9. 100% Pure liquid

10. Rust resistant

11. Easy one step application

12. Eliminates the need for Clay

13. Eliminates the need for polish

14. Creates a shine within the paint

15. Is absorbed into the paint

16. Creates no debris or waste

17. For “Scratch Shield paint”

18. Preserves factory finish

19. Does not trap and hold particles

20. Has built in cleaning agents

21. Eliminates the need for soap

22. Protects Chrome & wheel from road salt

23. Conditions and shines black vinyl trim

24. Conditions and preserves clear headlights

25. Deoxidizes and restores color to acrylic paint

26. Conditions & replaces essential elements in paint

27. Takes less than a half an hour to apply

28. Unique in the market

29. Non abrasive

30. Efficient, 95% goes in the paint 5% in the towel

Don’t be suckered in by the crowd. maintaining a organic wax shine on synthetic paint is a unnecessary headache.

Remember it is the wax that you are maintaining not the paint.

In the end you will have to remove and replace the wax several times.

Each application and removal taking its toll on th

e paint’s finish.

You got one shot to keep that factory finish. Put an organic wax on it and its all over.

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