Organic Wax vs non organic APC

Contrary to popular rhetoric, buffing an organic wax onto new automotive acrylic paint will not preserve the color or shine of your paint.

New paint does not come with swirl marks, Swirl marks are owner induced.

In fact it is the beginning of the end of your factory shine.

Sadly enough misinformed people continue to pass on bad advice.

1. They say waxing won’t hurt your cars paint.

2. They will tell you that wax and polish are the same thing.

3. They will tell you:  Here is what I do………( ultimately claying, abrasive polishing and waxing are involved )

4. These people are stuck in the past They haven’t a clue as to what they are talking about and none of their advice serves to preserve your paint.

Some people just don’t realize that things change, if they didn’t we would still have bias ply tires on our cars, but someone realized that radial tires were better. Read More