Clay: A much needed detail product or ”Silly putty”?

If you use wax, you probably heard of clay. Both have a negative effect on acrylic paint

Some actually tell you to use abrasive clay on a brand new factory paint job.
Not only is that excessive it’s senseless and damaging to the original factory finish.
Clay should never be used on a new car.
Some say clay is a necessary detail product and is needed from once a year to once a month.
They will tell you how smooth the paint feels once you clay it.
They will say, “Put a plastic sandwich bag over your hand and rub it along the car and feel the debris stuck in the paint”
They will tell you that, you have to use clay or your paint will never be smooth to the touch.
The truth is that clay is “Silly putty”, an example of excessive detailing. Read More

Sandpaper: The kiss of death to acrylic headlights

Sandpaper wet or dry is the kiss of death for acrylic / plastic headlights.

So you think using sandpaper to clean your lens is a good idea? Big mistake.

You cannot restore something by grinding it away, what works for one problem does not work for all.

Unless some shade tree mechanic or professional caveman has previously used abrasives or sandpaper cleaners on your headlight lens, it can be restored to like new in seconds with an acrylic lens deoxidizer.

Classic caveman statement:

It’s ok to sand your headlight because the UV layer is already damaged.

FACT: A damaged UV layer is better than no UV layer at all.

The normal wear on an exposed headlight will not create the clouding and damage that an abrasive cleaning will do. The chips and scratches you get from normal driving is not enough to cloud your lens and effect light projection. Read More

Is it wise to put wax on a new car?

That is the question many new car owners are asking and the answer is NOT to wax a new car.
It goes without saying that this a world of wax users and supporters.
Wax does produce a shine, that much is not disputed. It is how that shine is produced and the consequences of the methods used to create that shine that have created a sobering look at the pit falls of putting wax on modern acrylic paint.
There are several kinds of wax to be sure. Liquid, cream and paste.
You  can find people to swear by any one of these methods to keep a shine on their car. All of these methods have problems that the users have accepted as normal and choose to cope with under the belief that there is no other way to keep a shine on their automotive paint. Read More