How to start a successful Headlight cleaning business

Pittman ALR TSS option

Today modern acrylic projector headlights can cost well over a thousand dollars a piece.
One mistake with abrasives or sandpaper can put you out of business before you can get started.
What you need to know to start a successful headlight cleaning business.

#1 Know your craft. Guessing will not suffice if you seek longevity.

#2 Learn the difference between

UV damage, Oxidation, Surface damage and how to prevent them. The wrong solution can cause more harm than good.

#3 Value your customers. You want these people to come back and recommend you to their friends. Keep in mind, “people spend their money where they want to”.

#4 You are supplying a service and the quality of that service will determine the life or death of your business.

#5 People pay a professional when they want it done right. Be that professional.

What you need to know before starting a Headlight Cleaning Business.

The automotive headlight cleaning business is a booming industry and if you know the basics and have the proper training and tools you can make a comfortable living.

Fact: Most of the information you get about headlight cleaning does not apply to the most common problem. “oxidation” . Read More