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New 16oz Shop Size Pittman VaporWax APC 360SS

VaporWax 360SS

New 16 ounce Shop Size Pittman Original VaporWax APC 360ID is now available.

VaporWax APC 360SS

Our number one request from our customers about VaporWax was for larger options.

We increased our options. to include a new 16oz size atomizer and “Throw Back” pricing to 2007

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ALR*C  aka KLR-CUT is the latest addition to ALR’s arsenal of oxidation fighters.

The advantage of ALR*C is that it is an all surface deoxidizer and it has built in conditioners. 

ALR*C aka KLR*CUT will remove heavy concentrations of oxidation without damaging abrasives

This is a 360 degree all around Universal product that removes oxidation from paint as well as it does headlights. 

ALR*C will give you the option of using a power buffer when applying to larger areas. 

Its ability to cut heavy oxide deposits on all acrylic and  leave the surface smooth make it applicable for many jobs in aircraft and marine applications. 

motorcycle shields, safety  glass, model trains and solar panels. 

It is an economic alternative to the more popular ALR APC 360ID in which the deoxidizer and conditioner come in separate containers. 

However the ALR APC 360ID offers the acrylic paint conditioner VaporWax 360ID in a separate container which gives you the option to put a VaporWax shine on your headlights and paint. If you have a older car with moderate to heavy build up of oxidation ALR*C will remove those oxide deposits and help you restore that vehicle to its original color with none of the mess associated with abrasive rubbing compounds.

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This new blog is dedicated to achieve those goals

Welcome to Pittman KMOD’s Alien Liquid Research. Get expert advice and the facts about Pittman Original One Step ALR, VaporWax APC 360ID  and KLR-CUT/ ALR*C.

Pittman’s Original VaporWax APC 360 Infinite Design


The popularity of VaporWax acrylic paint conditioner has caused concern among professional detailers.

The question they don’t want you to ask yourself is:

Are you trying to restore your paint job or preserve it?

A flawless mirror like shine every time

Excellent for protection against winter road salt

Most advice you get in Internet forums is not applicable to the preservation of new paint. The tools and products involved are designed for restoration not preservation. In the field of preservation VaporWax is unique and superior to all forms of wax.

New paint does not need fixing or restoring it needs preservation

As more and more people turn away from wax in search of alternatives.  An increasing amount of tension has manifested itself  within the detailers community. Many professional detailers who have made a living the old way are threatened by this progress. It signals the end of an era where their word was gospel

One Step ALR is the number 1 acrylic lens deoxidizer in the world and VaporWax, which is designed using the same science is the first Acrylic Paint Conditioner.  Both are Target Specific Systems designed to only to effect oxidation and acrylic molecules. Both work instantly.

There is reason for wax peddlers to be concerned as thousands of informed car owners rethink the sensibility of putting a dulling yellowing wax on modern acrylic paint.

Paint conditioning is very easy to do, no special skills or tools needed and VaporWax acrylic paint conditioner will give the same results every time and never yellow or dull no matter who applies it.

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