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Is it wise to put wax on a new car?

That is the question many new car owners are asking and the answer is NOT to wax a new car.
It goes without saying that this a world of wax users and supporters.
Wax does produce a shine, that much is not disputed. It is how that shine is produced and the consequences of the methods used to create that shine that have created a sobering look at the pit falls of putting wax on modern acrylic paint.
There are several kinds of wax to be sure. Liquid, cream and paste.
You  can find people to swear by any one of these methods to keep a shine on their car. All of these methods have problems that the users have accepted as normal and choose to cope with under the belief that there is no other way to keep a shine on their automotive paint.
Don’t be fooled.
Misinformation comes from many sources, Internet forums are generally a good way to find out how to address problems with a number of issues. From mechanics to health. The internet is a source of news and history.  Tradition and nostalgia have found a home within the world wide web.
Just as the Internet has produced a network to the information highway, individuals seek to profit by using this network to better their own agenda, in generally these individuals are known as merchants and they range from the individual who places a ad in Google to the groups and organization that create forums to promote misleading propaganda to the unsuspecting public.
In general these automotive detail forums push wax and wax accessories to anyone who will listen to them. There is a consensus that wax is good and no wax is bad. The facts about wax have not changed, it still presents the same challenges as it did when the first person decided to apply it to his vehicle.
Wax yellows and dulls and it is messy to apply, in addition wax has to be leveled (buffed) and periodically removed due to its propensity to buildup, harden and flake off.
This makes a negative effect on the paint the wax is applied to. The stress, strain and friction associated with the application and removal of wax will ruin the factory finish of a new car.
This is no great revelation, anyone who has put wax on their car knows that the shine won’t last.
 You can see the progression as the wax shine begins to fade and dull. People looked for all kinds of alternatives to wax. The offerings of clear coat and sealers were even more devastating to the paint. Swirl marks, rain drops, bird droppings all have a increased negative visual effect on wax. Forums are full of people asking what to do about spiderwebs, swirl marks, rain spotting, bird droppings and wax removal.
The answer they are getting in internet detail forums is to do more of the same, Clean the old wax off and start all over again. This is like beating your head into the wall.
Why would anyone want to do that if there is a alternative?
They wouldn’t and because of that Internet forums have censored and banned members who attempt to have discussions about products that eliminate the need and or use of common wax on automotive paint.
Despite those efforts the acrylic paint conditioner has received acceptance world wide as the optimum alterative to wax for new automotive acrylic paint.
Can a old car benefit from wax?…….Yes wax can make old paint look better but not as good as an acrylic paint conditioner can.
Can a new car benefit from wax?…….NO wax on a new factory finish will dull and destroy the factory shine. You should NEVER put wax on new automotive acrylic paint.

Pittman Original VaporWax is the only acrylic paint conditioner on the marker today. Pittman invented and perfected the acrylic paint conditioner (APC) and (ALR) the acrylic lens deoxidizer. There is no wax, polish, sealer or clear coat that can preserve the factory finish on a new car as well as VaporWax APC.
The Acrylic paint conditioner can be applied by anyone in any temperature. It will never yellow or dull, it never has to be buffed and it never has to be removed. It is designed to eliminate the need of soap, clay, polish, wax and power buffing of paint.
If you want to maintain the shine on your new car use the acrylic paint conditioner.
If you want to replace the shine on your new car use any wax.

You put a lot of money into buying a new car. Don’t be fooled into destroying your unique factory finish by rubbing and buffing outdated wax on and off of it. Once you take that finish off, there is no putting it back.
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